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Bow Wow Meow is an award-winning business that has been serving pet owners and their furry friends since 1995. After starting out as a supplier of pet ID tags, we diversified our offering into other services to help pet owners, including a pet names generator, pet health insurance and our newest offering, this Breed Selector tool, which helps match pet owners with the right dog breeds.


Bow Wow Meow Breed Selector

  • Through our experience working with pet owners we have found that many dog owners struggle at the outset to find the right breed to suit them. The Bow Wow Meow Breed Selector has been developed to help new pet owners to find the dog breeds that best match their lifestyle, their home environment, their preferences in appearance and personality and their care-giving ability.
  • In the real world the choice of dog breeds is very large and growing constantly, with more and more so-called 'designer' or 'hybrid' breeds now available. We have found that there is a tendency for people to choose a breed on looks alone, without sufficient consideration of other factors. However, we know that even more important in determining breed compatibility are factors like energy levels, temperament, characteristics, training and care needs.
  • In developing the Breed Selector we recruited a team of specialist dog trainers with years of experience working with pet owners and their dogs, and went through a rigorous process to determine the core factors that are important when it comes to human/dog compatibility. The result is this tool, which aims to be a fun and useful way to find the most suitable breeds.
  • Our match-making suggestions are based on common attributes for each breed, so please be aware that the advice given in this tool is generalised per breed. We acknowledge that not all dogs of a breed are the same and that each dog has its own unique personality and characteristics. But while there may, for example, be a high energy dog that can live in a small apartment given the right care and training, that is not what our recommendation would be given the user's living arrangements.
  • Please bear in mind too that the tool has been designed for the average potential dog owner who is looking for a furry companion in their life. If you are looking for a show or working dog, or if you are looking to find a dog to take part in competitive dog sports, then this breed selector may not be the right choice for you.  


Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

  • We launched our pet insurance offering in Australia in 2007. Our policies have been designed with the needs of real pet owners in mind and cover up to 80% of eligible vet bills for accidents and illnesses.
  • We have received a high level of support from the veterinary community, who appreciate that we are pet people, rather than a big faceless insurance company. Yet, as we are underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading pet insurer, we are just as safe and secure as any of our competitors.
  • We are also proud to have received numerous awards and accolades, including achieving the highest rating of any Australian pet insurance company on the independent consumer site, productreview.com.au (current as at 14/06/2022) and The Master Dog Breeders & Association awarding us the ‘Best Pet Insurance Provider’ for 2012 and 2014.

    Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance has been awarded ratings of 4.5 out of 5 on independent consumer ratings site, Product Review, for our Ultimate Care, Peace of Mind and Accident Plus plans, based on 2,436 customer reviews (as at 14/06/2022). We are very proud to be one of Australia’s most trusted pet insurance companies, and to have been chosen as Product Review’s Pet Insurance Award Winner for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and again for 2022!

  • Website: bowwowinsurance.com.au


Bow Wow Meow Pet Names

  • As the leading pet tag supplier in the region, we come across thousands of new and interesting pet names every month. We launched our pet names site in 1998 as a fun way to share this wealth of names with pet owners.
  • It became the first web site in the world to help people find a name for their pet and remains one of the most popular pet websites, attracting over a million visitors per year.
  • Website: bowwow.com.au
  • In the UK and Europe, visit www.perfectpetname.com


Bow Wow Meow Pet Tags

  • We are proud to have supplied pet ID tags to over 2,500,000 pets in more than 75 countries. Our pet ID tags can be ordered from pet stores and vet practices in United Kingdom & several European countries, as well as our e-commerce web site.
  • Website: pet-tags.co.uk  


Bow Wow Meow Smart Tags

  • Our new Smart Tags are the smart way to help reunite you with your lost pet.
  • The QR Code and NFC chip can be scanned or tapped by a smart phone to gain access to your pet’s profile.
  • Your pet’s profile can include additional contact details, as well as important information about your pet such as behavioural or medical conditions, dietary requirements, insurance and microchip details.
  • If your pet’s smart tag is scanned or tapped, you can also receive an alert showing your pet’s GPS location.
  • We don’t charge membership fees and you can update your profile for free any time without being charged.
  • Comes with a free eZeClip making attaching and removing easy.
  • Website: www.retrievemypet.com


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